Ammendment to the Notice of Race:

Ammendment 1 - 01-08.2015

1.12   Class rule 3.6.13 and 8.1.1 are changed per RRS 87 to allow a boat to carry a spare class spinnaker on board while racing for this event subject to the following:

  • a) The spare spinnaker must be so designated at measurement, and may be marked by a special event limitation mark by the event inspectors.
  • b) The spare spinnaker may only be used after the primary spinnaker has been damaged to the point that it cannot be effectively repaired with sail tape while afloat. Approved damage would include tears over a meter long or beyond a single panel.
  • c) If the spare spinnaker is used, a boat shall submit written notice to the race committee at the race office within the protest time limit.
  • d) The damaged primary spinnaker shall be presented to the race committee. If the damage does not meet the requirements of 1.13(b), the race committee shall impose a scoring penalty of 20%, as calculated by RRS 44.3(c), applied to the race(s) in which it was used, without a hearing. This changes RRS 63.1.
  • e) If the primary spinnaker is able to be repaired over night, it shall be returned to service as the primary spinnaker for the rest of the regatta. If the primary spinnaker is unable to be repaired and returned to use, the spare spinnaker shall be used for the remainder of the regatta, and the boat shall sail the remainder of the regatta without a spare spinnaker.


Notice of Race

2015 J/24 World Championship
28. August – 04. September 2015
Norddeutscher Regatta Verein and the International J/24 Class Association

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  1. Rules
    1.1 The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2013 – 2016.
    1.2 No national prescriptions will apply.
    1.3 The Regatta Regulations of the International J/24 Class Association (IJCA) will apply.
    1.4 RRS 41 will be changed as follows:  From the time a boat leaves her mooring for the first race of each day until she returns to her mooring and while not racing, she shall not receive outside help except as permitted by RRS 41 from any outside source except other competitors and official boats under the direction of the organizing authority.  While racing, RRS 41 applies without modification.  If RC displays Race Signal AP over H, these additions to RRS 41 are suspended until a boat leaves her mooring again.  This will change the preamble to Part 4 of the RRS.
    1.5 Bow numbers will be assigned to each boat and will be used as identification for the boat during the regatta.  Bow numbers shall be applied in accordance with the instructions supplied and shall remain affixed until after a boat hauls out at the end of the regatta.
    1.6 In accordance with RRS G3, a boat chartered or loaned for this event may carry national letters or a sail number in contravention of the class rules.
    1.7 If there is a conflict between languages, the English text will take precedence.
    1.8 Part 5, Section B of the RRS and RRS 41 will be changed to permit Protest Arbitration.
    1.9 RRS 61.1(a) will be changed so that the red flag displayed by a protesting boat shall have a hoist of not less than 150mm and a fly of not less than 200mm.
    1.10 RRS 44.3 will be changed so that code flag “I” may be used as the yellow flag and so that the flag used (either yellow or code flag ”I”) shall have a hoist of not less than 150mm and a fly of not less than 200mm.
    1.11 Class rule 5.3 will be changed in the Sailing Instructions so that the crew that is nominated or listed for the regatta shall remain the same throughout the event except for emergency or extraordinary circumstances and only changed with written permission of the Race Committee or Jury.
  2. Advertising:
    2.1 Competitor advertising shall comply with RRS 80 and ISAF Regulation 20.
    2.2 Boats may be required to display advertising chosen and supplied by the organizing authority.
  3. Eligibility and Entry:
    3.1 The World Championship is open to J/24 Class boats as defined by the IJCA class rules, and that qualify as prescribed in the IJCA Regatta Regulations, and whose entries are accepted by the organizing authority.
    3.2 Championship helmspersons must be either nationals or residents and members of the National J/24 Class Association of the country that they represent, and they must have qualified as defined by their National J/24 Class Association to represent their country.
    3.3 Eligible boats may enter by completing the registration form at until 15. July 2015.
    3.4 Late entries will be accepted after 15. July 2015 will be subject to a late fee of EUR 100,-.
    3.5 If there are co-skippers, one of them shall be designated as the primary skipper for this regatta.
  4. Fees:
    4.1 The required entry fee is EUR 600,-.
    4.2 Fee includes measurement, launching at commencement and recovery at conclusion of the Regatta at designated times, berthing for the event, trailer storage and tickets to the principal events for all competing crew.
    4.3 Additional individual social function passes may be purchased at registration for an additional fee.
    4.4 All Entry fees shall be paid online via Entries will not be valid until payment is received and confirmed by the OA.
  5. Schedule:
    Day Date Time Event/Activity
    Friday 28 August 0900 – 1800 Registration/Measurement/Crew Weigh-in
    Saturday 29 August 0900 – 1800 Registration/Measurement/Crew Weigh-in
    Sunday 30 August 0900 – 1800
    0900 – 1200
    Registration/Crew Weigh-in
    Practice Race
    All Boats Afloat
    Skippers’ Briefing
    Opening Ceremonies
    Monday 31 August 0900 – 1000
    Crew Weigh-in
    Warning for First Race of the Day
    Social Event
    Tuesday 01 September 0900 – 1000
    Crew Weigh-in*
    Warning for First Race of the Day
    Social Event
    Wednesday 02 September 0900 – 1000
    Crew Weigh-in*
    Warning for First Race of the Day
    Social Event
    Thursday 03 September 0900 – 1000
    Crew Weigh-in*
    Warning for First Race of the Day
    Social Event
    Friday 04 September 0900 – 1000
    Crew Weigh-in*
    Warning for First Race of the Day
    No Warning after this time
    Closing Ceremonies and Awards
    * These scheduled crew weigh-ins are only for jury approved replacement crews per 1.11.
    5.2 Ten races are scheduled over five consecutive days.
  6. Registration and Measurement:
    6.1 At registration each boat shall present:
    (a)   A valid, IJCA issued Measurement Certificate, Including Part C: Inventory of Required and Optional Equipment.
    (b)   Proof of current marine liability insurance coverage in the amount of EUR 2.000.000.
    (c)   Proof of J/24 Class Association membership in the country they represent for the owner and the helmsperson.
    6.2 All competitors will be weighed during registration.  Competitors must have a passport or other photo identification at weigh-in.
    6.3 Inspection and measurement will be carried out on all boats and sails in accordance with the class rules.
    6.4 Boats will be subject to inspection at any time during the regatta.
  7. Sailing Instructions:
    7.1 The Sailing Instructions will be available before 01. August 2015 at
  8. Venue:

  9. The Courses:
    9.1 The courses to be sailed will be windward/leeward with 4 or 5 legs.
    9.2 The target time for each race is approximately 75 – 90 minutes.
    9.3 An offset mark at the weather mark will be used.  Exceptions will be described in the Sailing Instructions
    9.4 A gate at the leeward mark will be used.  Exceptions will be described in the Sailing Instructions.
  10. Penalty System:
    10.1 The Scoring Penalty, RRS 44.3, will apply, with penalties as modified by the IJCA.  See J/24 Scoring Penalties on the Class website, Class Documents.  These modifications will be printed in the Sailing Instructions.
    10.2 An International Jury will be appointed according to RRS 70.5, whose decisions will be final.
    10.3 Arbitration may be used prior to the protest hearing for incidents involving the rules of Part 2 or RRS 31.
    10.4 Some other penalties as per RRS 64.1 will apply for breaking some IJCA rules.  See J/24 Class Rule Penalties on the Class website.  These penalties will be printed in the Sailing Instructions.
  11. Scoring:
    11.1 Four races are required to be completed to constitute a championship.
    11.2 When fewer than five races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores.  When five or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores, excluding her worst score.  Appendix A will be changed accordingly.
    11.3 Boats failing to finish within 20 minutes after the first boat sails the course and finishes will be scored Time Limit Expired (TLE) without a hearing.  Boats scored TLE will be scored points equal to the number of boats finishing within the time limit plus two points by the race committee.  RRS A4.2, A5 and A11 will be changed accordingly.
  12. Support Boats:
    12.1 Support boats shall comply with NOR 1.4.
    12.2 Support boats shall register during scheduled registration, declaring to which boat or boats they are attached.  They may be required to display an identification flag supplied by the organizing authority.
  13. Berthing:
    13.1 Boats shall be kept in their assigned places or areas, as directed by the organizing authority.
  14. Haul-out Restrictions:
    14.1 Boats shall be afloat by 1800 on 30. August 2015 and shall not be hauled out during the regatta except with, and according to the terms of prior written permission of the jury.  This includes rudders.
  15. Diving Equipment, Plastic Pools and Other Prohibited Actions:
    15.1 Underwater breathing apparatus and plastic pools or their equivalent shall not be used between the time the boat is afloat and the end of the regatta.  The hull may be cleaned at any time by swimming or keelhauling using ropes, cloth or other equipment designed for that use.
    15.2 Careening by any means for the purpose of cleaning or inspecting the hull is prohibited during the regatta.
  16. Radio Communications:
    16.1 Except in an emergency, a boat shall neither make radio transmissions while racing nor receive radio communications not available to all boats.  This restriction also applies to mobile telephones.
    16.2 The race committee may choose to make VHF radio communications to the fleet on a channel to be announced in the sailing instructions.  It is strongly encouraged that each boat have a VHF radio on board capable of receiving these communications.
  17. Prizes:
    17.1 Prizes will be awarded to the Top10 boats entered.
    17.2 A prize will be awarded to the top youth entry comprised of a crew in which none are over the age of 25 years.
    17.3 A prize will be awarded for the top women’s entry in which the entire crew is comprised of women.
  18. Disclaimer of Liability:
    18.1 Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk.  See RRS 4, Decision to Race.  The organizing authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta.
    18.2 All competitors will be required to sign a Competitor Liability Waiver form to be provided in the registration package.
  19. Insurance:
    19.1 Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 2.000.000,- per incident or the equivalent.
  20. Media Rights:
    20.1 Competitors give absolute right and permission to the IJCA, the German J/24 Class Association, Norddeutscher Regatta Verein and the event sponsors to use, publish, broadcast or otherwise distribute for promotional, advertising or any other purpose, any images and sound recorded during the event of persons and boats free of any charge.
  21. Further Information, contact the following:
    For further information please see: at


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